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October’s BOTM

Anyone who’s known me for awhile, knows I really enjoy reading!  I’ve enjoyed it since I was a child.  My younger children prevented me from reading as much as I liked.  Then it was technology.  Most of the time I just missed holding a book– but during my peak reading times, technology isn’t allowed.

My children have become (almost) self-sufficient creatures now.  They no longer require my assistance with much.  As they have grown– I’ve begun wondering what else to do with my (still rare) free time?  You now– between loads of laundry!

Oh internet!!  You always have my answers.  You gave me “Book of the Month” club!  You mean, I can read again?  In a hardback paper version?  That I can read between taxi runs and slow days at work?  Without the risk of late fees (because I own the book) when time gets away from me?  I’m game!

I hated the initial wait (you know, because I’m impatient and have no books to read) but it was well worth it!  When my box arrived in the mail, I could barely wait to open it.  Something great was about to happen!

Inside my neatly packed box– was my BOTM tote.  Yes, I was almost as excited about this as I was my book.  Under that was a trinket I didn’t expect– after book mints.  Awesome!  There at the bottom of my box sat my book.  Staring at me from its protective wrapper.  Be still my heart– be still.  We have a month to read together.

But of course I must free it!  So I chose “Good As Gone” for October.  I can’t wait to start turning pages.  Inside the book is a bookmark– also a bit about the book by the judge who made it one of October’s selections.  I love that it is legit hard covered.  No easy tearing on the go!

November’s choices will be up soon!  Do you love reading?  Yes?  Well, you can sign up here and get 30% off– plus a free tote for yourself!  Go check it out!  Oh, and if you are a fast reader– you can add additional books each month for $9.99 each!  Win,win!

What is your favorite type of book to read?

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