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BTS Haul

My classes started today.  I mean they are online but I have to stay up with them.  I also have some supplies I needed to get.  So I went shopping for some basics.  Hopefully, I won’t need much more for these classes.

This time I did my haul at Wal-Mart.  Where I shop changes often, but I was already there– so why not?  As always, I gave into one of my addictions.  I just don’t have the strength not to when I shop alone.

I purchased:

  • Loose Leaf Lined Paper-  which I needed anyways so not a biggie.  As long as it is college ruled– I’m not picky!  I believe these were $0.82 each.  I’m a big spender here!
  • 5 Tab Dividers-  again, I needed these.  I think this is the first time I skipped the 8 tab but I never really use those extra spaces.  I bought plastic with tabs that I can reuse.  These were $0.47 each.
  • 3 Ring Binders-  of course a necessity.  With three classes, I needed three and in different colors.  I went with the poly ones because I’m not really that rough on my binders.  I broke the bank at $0.88 each.
  • Inkjoy Gel Pens (Black)-  this is where I really didn’t need to be.  I fed my addiction here.  I love their regular pens but I hadn’t tried to use their gel pens.  I grabbed the wrong size and wish I had grabbed the bigger ones (I purchased .05 and prefer .07).  My addition is more expensive at $6.64.
  • Inkjoy Gel Pens (multi-colored)-  again, this was just feeding my addiction.  But on anything not official, I prefer colors!!  I grabbed these in the correct size!  Again, these were $6.64.
  • Highlighters-  while I don’t need these, I did feel the retractable was better.  No lost lids!  Plus it is easy enough to tell apart from the work supply.  These were $4.97 but there is 8 of them!
  • G2 Mechanical Pencils-  I bought these in .07 size and I really didn’t need new pencils.  The only thing is– the ones I have now don’t have any grippers, therefore because of how I write it is easier for plastic grippers.  These were $2.74.
I believe that is all I really need.  I already have my calculator and reinforcements.  We should have index cards somewhere in this house!
What a haul– I did spend more but it was on non-school items.  I will upload my receipt to savings catcher but I’m sure I won’t “catch” anything.  I just didn’t spend to much!

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