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Weekly Vlogs!

As some of you know already– I’ve been using YouTube to share stories.  However, for multiple reasons– I just can’t commit to videos.  So I have been working on ideas of how to balance doing videos still.

A major reason I can’t keep doing videos as often is that I’m often in a location where I can’t have video.  I’m in this location several days a week.  This location takes up 13+ hours a day.  This means, I haven’t done anything that I can even vlog about.  Once I get home– I’m so tired I can’t even edit and schedule even if I did have anything.  Plus getting up earl to do it again.

To be honest, in my head I struggle with not being published on schedule.  But my work just isn’t on a schedule.  I have no control over it.  Then it drives me crazy that I can’t do my posts routinely.

So– I will be posting a weekly vlog.  I think that it will go up every Sunday.  Of course, this could change.  I’m just giving this day a chance first.  I will probably be pulling this video and embedding it into my blog over here so you don’t have to hop.

What are your thoughts?  Sound like a winning idea?  Is there a day that would work better for any of you?  Stay tuned for the first weekly vlog next Sunday!

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