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One Eighth

I am down a week in my classes.  Boils down to 1/8th way done.  It was a stressful week.

Maybe it was the lack of time to really pre-plan.  Maybe it is just getting back in the swing of classes and additional deadlines.  I was so overwhelmed.

On Monday, I will be dropping a class.  I will be keeping two at this point.  Because of the pre-req requirements my only option is to drop the English.  It requires the Computer Applications (either at the same time or before).

I’m pretty excited about the two I am keeping.  But honestly, I’m really upset that I can’t keep up all three.  I just can’t push myself for the next 7 weeks with all the changes that are coming to my life in the next couple of weeks.

Here are the results of week one:

Computer Applications: 100% (A)

English Composition:  84% (B)  I am sharing this, even though I am going to be dropping this for this term.  I’ll pick it up next term.

Applied Business Math:  100% (A) 

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