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Halloween 2016

Halloween of 2016– means that most of my children are now to old to go trick or treating during the regular city event.  Over the course of the month– Hailee has went with the family she babysits for.  But last night– Matthew went trick or treating with one of our neighbors family.  It’s one of Matthew’s friends.

I know that the photo that was shared with me is pretty dark.  But since I worked, I didn’t think that anyone would be going trick or treating.  That said– I never did any costume shopping.  But his friend had some extra costumes so he went as a Whoopie Cushion!

He brought home a LOT of candy!  Which he promptly shared with everyone.  That is one of his great aspects… he is always willing to share.  Sometimes, it isn’t always a good thing that he wants to share all the time because he will give away his last belonging.

So, what did you and your family do for Halloween?  Did your kids dress up?  Did you have a bonfire in the backyard?

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