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Social Media

Upon launching my website, I also launched various social media accounts attached to it.  However, as I began doing more and more, I realized exactly how much time ALL this social media was costing me.

You see, I am a very small fish in the internet pond.  Because I have a bigger family we require a dual income.  I have to work full-time.  I am not a great writer– I just document aspects of my life.  I make no income on here.  Therefore, the time I do spend on social media is free-time I sometimes don’t have.

So, where am I going with this?  Simple– I want you to know what I am actively using.  Feel free to add my socials I am using!

Snapchat:  simplyjessicas
Instagram:  simplyjessicaslife
If I become more active on other social sites– I will add them to let you know.  As it is right now, I just don’t have time.  However, as I go I will be trying to become more widely spread on social media.  

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