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The First Day

We balance life with one car (I think I have mentioned that).  So, in the balance there are days were we rely on the children to assist us in finding a ride to/from places.  For the most part– as long as we are home and who is home was able to have the car, we give them their rides.  But some days it’s just a balancing act that’s very difficult.  Today was KIND of one of those days… where I got off at 8ish and Laura got off at 8.  But my job is one of those that I’m not guaranteed to be off at 8.  It could be 9 or even 10 before we get out depending on who walks in at the last moment.  So, Laura had to make sure she had a ride home from work today.  Thankfully, her and her boyfriend have been together quiet awhile and he has a license so he often brings her home from school (because she chooses not to ride the bus) and often picks her up for their dates.  Today, he also gave her a ride home from work.

Tonight, I actually got off work on time.  I quickly verified that Laura had a way home because I could pick her up if she needed.  She didn’t need me because she had a ride.  Apparently, they had just pulled up right before I did and so I was in the car behind them (we have street parking… so I was waiting to finish parking for him to get out of my spot).  There was something so surreal about watching her get out of his car, in uniform.  She was holding her hat in one hand and grabbing her stuff out of the backseat with the other.  It kind of took my breath away for a moment.  It’s hard to believe that in that moment I had a mix of emotion.  I was proud of her.  I was sad that she was growing up.  I was shocked she was old enough to be working.  I was happy that she was finally learning what some of life is all about.  But mostly— I think I was just proud.  Proud that I have, at this point, raised a productive human being.

There have been days I wasn’t sure we were ever going to get here…  We had such a struggle a few years ago.  She just wasn’t in a good place.  She struggled with facts of her life– things she just couldn’t change.  Things that I couldn’t change.  Then, we almost lost her when she had her tonsils taken out.  Like, literally lost her– she almost died.  When she became of age to get a job– she wasn’t motivated to find one.  So, it was like pulling teeth to encourage the work that goes into finding work.  But then, it seems to have just clicked.  While it is a bit of a fee to get her started.  While it was like a slow motion process (as many hiring processes are).  She has finally attended her first day of actual work.

I always feel so proud with each of our kids’ accomplishments– I love this aspect of parenting.  It is so much fun to watch each child become their own person!

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