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Life With Vertigo

I have been really trying to fight something off.  Not even really sure what it is.  I don’t think it is a bug of some kind– but it is REALLY bad.

Kallie has been so snugly since I’ve been sick!

A couple days ago (Tuesday) I woke up feeling really bad.  I was dizzy and nauseous.  Every time I moved my head, I was all over the place.  I ate in hopes that I would feel better.  It failed.  ALL day long.  I was trying to do some homework while I was laying in bed but after about 10 minutes I needed to be laying down again.  I ended up napping several times off and on through the day.  None very restful because as soon as I turned over, I was awaken with nausea and as soon as I opened my eyes I was spinning around in circles.  (If I am already awake, closing my eyes will result in the room spinning as well.)  I took some nausea medication and motion sickness medication (after asking if I could take both closely together) so that it would hopefully calm down for the night.  Which it either calmed down a bit for the night or it just made me so tired, I didn’t awake for the spinning until morning.  Maybe a little bit of both!

Wednesday morning I woke up and the first thing that goes through your mind after a horrible day of spinning (as well as falling against stuff) is what’s going to happen when I sit up?  To my surprise, I felt okay.  It was earlier in the morning because I had to take Shawn to work but I felt okay.  I still took it slow so that I wouldn’t overdo it.  I had come home and got dressed for work.  I went into work.  I worked until about 8:30 or 9 o’clock when the first wave suddenly swept over me.  When it starts when you are just sitting there– it’s very weird to know you are sitting still and all the sudden everything around you looks like you are moving (if only just a little bit).  In the end– I spent most of the day really dizzy.  I didn’t really ever get to the point I was nauseous.  But I was pretty unsteady most of the day.  I did take some motion sickness medication.  However, I skipped on the other medicine for dizziness because I didn’t need to be so tired tomorrow.

Today, I awoke with dizziness.  I knew I would because at some point last night I woke up and was really concerned about if the door was closed all the way (we have a fan in our bedroom window and so we have to leave the door cracked a bit because if not the fan just doesn’t pull in the cold air).  I went to check on that and really struggled to get there and back into bed.  It was really weird.  I’m still struggling through the morning.  I just wish I knew what was going on because I’m ready to be feeling better.

You might remember, I work at an urgent care.  One in which I would get free care at IF I had their insurance.  However, I don’t have their (or any) insurance at this moment.  That’s a story in itself that I am working on sharing because I was royally screwed!  I did have a co-worker check my blood pressure to make sure it wasn’t to high or to low… and it was normal for me.  I don’t have any ear pain or pressure.  So maybe soon it will go away like it started– all the sudden!

Vertigo isn’t an uncommon condition for me.  I suffer from it occasionally.  Typically it’s only a couple hours or mostly when I do something that causes my blood pressure to rise (or fall).  But I also have a lot of inflammation that vary throughout my body– so sometimes my ears are a “normal” captive.  I typically can feel that with pressure in one, or both, ears.  So, without that I’m confused and it’s lasting a long time compared to my normal flairs… so maybe it’s just completely unrelated this time.

Just makes it so very hard to function with vertigo.  Even harder when you can’t really take anything because you have to function at work in life or death situations and so there isn’t any medication that can be taken for it (because most of it that works will make you so sleepy).  Go away- vert!

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