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Hell Week

If I had to describe this week of classes– hell week would be it.  It started strong but being sick really made the finish rough.  I know it may not seem like a lot but I lost my three busiest days.  I ended up cramming it all into one very full day.

But before I get to my progress this week, let me tell you what is new.  Last week, I mentioned that I was going to drop my English class.  Then that changed!  I felt more in control– more established.  I reached out to my instructor to ask about if I could still turn in assignments.  So I decided to stay with my classes.

Currently, all my classes are a little behind on at least one grade so this is the most accurate that I can pull up:

Computer Applications:  94%

I’m missing an Exam Part B and my discussion boards.  Neither have any kind of points help against me.

Applied Business Math:  92%

I’m only missing my discussion boards.  This one isn’t counted against me so it is even.

English Composition:  93%

Thankfully the instructor posted several grades today– so I’m only missing Exam 2 Part B.

I’m really hoping that the grades will be better with all of the additional points.  I don’t like low 90’s.  I am really going to be pushing myself hard this next week!


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