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When Politics End 2016

When I was growing up, I was raised that politics wasn’t a public discussion.  You didn’t make it a point to tell everyone who you were voting for  and why every chance you got.  You didn’t have a political discussion with a person– then turn around and make yet another very public announcement about your stand (and theirs).  It would have stayed between the two.  Even if you disagree.

I still hold onto much of this.  I’m not sure I’ve ever publicly proclaimed my stand on who I was voting for.  I’m not even sure I’ve ever discussed it after the elections.  Not that I don’t have my own opinions, which I may share privately but I don’t debate them– nor do I make them public,

So, without divulging to much I wanted to share my thoughts– on both major candidates.

  • Candidate who has bankrupt several businesses but is in a real possible place to run our entire country’s budget and finances.
  • Candidate who has already pretty much been in office, it will be all the same again.
  • Candidate who blatantly says prejudice things all the time, running a country already in divide– add to that the stand on various topics (ex. rape)
  • Candidate who is actively under investigation for criminal activity while running for office, who will have access to much more information.
When did our political system get so lax on who we have to lead us?  It isn’t even about who’s qualified– it isn’t even about your past proving yourself.  Now, it’s all about who has the money.  Who can buy their way in  who can dirty the other so much they get more funding.  The choices really reflect that.  It’s very aggravating that this is going to be who represents us (as a whole) and both are just dirty.

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