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Dear America

Dear America,

The 2016 election is over!  Regardless of the outcome, I’m glad I don’t have to listen to either candidate attacking each other any further.  I’m young but I’ve been of age to vote in hour elections.  I’ve had to watch since I was young, ever since I could sing the song which helps you memorize all the President’s names.  I’ve been expected to “vote” in my school’s mock elections (and let me tell you… when you aren’t a designated party– this is tough).  I had to stay up late or get up early– while coloring in a map of the United States in red and blue for the candidates who won each state.  With that said, this has been the worst campaign I’ve ever seen.  The media– the political groups– all of it.

Most of my fellow American’s will agree the neither candidate was actually great.  We were handed the decision to choose between two candidates– both with blood on their hands.  Now, as an American, I understand that everyone has some kind of blood on their hands– I do and you do.  There is something that, if we ran for president, would be brought to the surface.  It doesn’t matter if it was when you were in your late teens and early twenties or if it was the same year you were running.  The problem is, these two candidates– were covered in it.  Then, to keep the upper hand you had incorrect information being passed around about Clinton (a lot of which was proven to be false) and you have Trump doing nothing but complaining about how media keeps boycotting him (however, he was all we heard about).  These are not new things that happen– this happens every election.  The honorary throwing of dirt on the other candidate.  I just don’t ever remember it being so– dirty and low down.  We essentially were told to pick between a candidate who was being investigated as a criminal and a candidate who spewed nothing but hate, fear, and prejudice.

Today Trump won.  Today we have three basic groups of people.  Some of us are celebrating.  Some of us are devastated.  Some of us are indifferent.  It all just depends on you and what you believe in.  But we all live in a country where we choose.  We take that chance.  My message today doesn’t aim at any particular group of people.  This is for all of you America.

Please remember– it doesn’t have to be a President to change our country.  In fact, most aspects it can’t be the President.  It STARTS with me and it starts with you.  We have to be the change we want to see.  It doesn’t even matter who you support if you don’t do anything more than vote and voice that opinion.  We, as a whole, can make the real change.  The change of unity, the change of love, the change of acceptance for good.

Be kind to every other American.  Regardless of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, their religion, their language, their income bracket, their sex, or even their job.  Be kind!  We all have emotion.  We all have something to live for.  Don’t steal other’s kindness with hatred.  Don’t be divided against any group of people.  There is good in all groups of people.

Open your mind to others.  This can be hard– because it will take you out of your comfort zone.  But you will also learn so much.  Go talk with others– I make you a promise that the news stories and such do not accurately represent any group as a whole.  You will learn a whole new perspective when you actually sit and talk to the people really living it instead of fearing it and just depending on media.

Do your part America!  We are a melting pot.  We all have something to bring to our country.  It doesn’t matter if you are a dog walker or a President– we are each playing a role in keeping everything running.

Remember, America is not our property– we are a melting pot.  Short of Native Americans we all immigrated here.  Some of us were just here earlier than others.  Some of us were here before they began locking our borders making it very difficult to get in legally.  Most are still just wanting to get away from hardships, we as American’s, know very little about what it’s like to live with.  We are Americans, not the other way around.

Just practice kindness.  Practice tolerance.  Learn more.  Spread happiness.  We can make a change– together we can do anything.  We control more than we think.  Also, remember, we are all human– we all will bleed the same if injured.  No one alive is more superior than the others.

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