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Am I Weekly Vlogging?

I thought I should come and address something I stated earlier.  I went and made a post about doing weekly vlogs.

Yeah, about that– I haven’t done one yet!  I get maybe a clip or two recorded then nothing.  I always find it so much easier to write.  I can do that almost everywhere.  I can’t really record at work safely.  Even outside.  Which is fine but with long hours, vlogging just doesn’t work.  Then my first day off, I typically spend cleaning.  Which isn’t very interesting.  Then I have times like this where I’m off one day and then work the next day.  With it being an ever changing schedule so I can easily go a few weeks without a chance to do any recording.

There are some changes coming at work.  I just don’t know how they are going to work and if they will be permanent.  If they are sticking, it might allow for easier vlogging.  I just won’t want to make a commitment, if I can’t do it.

So, I guess that in the end.. what I’m trying to say, I won’t be doing weekly vlogging for now.  I believe I will be putting up various random videos when hings happen.  I guess we will see what happens with work.  You’ll just have to make due with writing until I can get this all figured out!

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