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Friday Five

I thought maybe it would be nice to do a random facts post.  Just so you can get to know me a bit better.  I’m thinking I will try to do five facts every Friday–

  1. I once had a pet squirrel.  I saved him from a tree we were pulling out of the ground.  I was jumping on the hollow center that had collected leaves of a tree trunk.  I kept hearing a squeak– which I found was a baby squirrel.  I ended up raising him until the winter was over.  He was “released” into some safe woods on some family friend’s property where he ate daily on their deck.  His name was Rockie.  This was before I knew you had to have a permit to have a squirrel (not sure if it wasn’t in effect or if I was just young and naïve.
  2. I am a domestic abuse survivor.  Times two!  I learned from the abuse the first time and left immediately the second time.  Never again
  3. I have some pretty severe anxiety/PTSD.  Sometimes it just manifest as anxiety (which can lead to depression).  Other times it can manifest with migraines with very severe derivatives.  I have some rather irrational fears at times
  4. I pre-write (on paper) 98% of my blog entries.  I don’t know why!!
  5. I’m a planner.  I don’t do spontaneous well.  I own an Erin Condren planner which I use.  I also purchased mine for next year already!  (Click the link above and you can purchase your own!  Using that link you can get $10 off your purchase as well!)

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