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Cold Stone without Ice Cream?

I know they purposefully place all the goodies at the register.  I’ve always been very good with not getting sucked in.  That is, unless I am by myself at the store.  Which I just so happened to be on this day.  So, what did I get sucked into?

Today, it was candy!  I got suckered into buying a super cute ice cream cone creation.  I think I just had to buy it because I had to see how Cold Stone made candy!

So, the label states it is a sugar cone with caramel vanilla cream with chocolate.  But it was so wrapped up, you couldn’t tell anything else about it.  I was a bit nervous about it.  It wasn’t cheap to not like it and have to throw it away.

I really enjoyed unwrapping it.  I was a bit disappointed with how much empty space was at the top.  But it was very soft chocolate.  I need soft chocolate until I get into a dentist.  The cone was really a cone!  Wonderful chocolate, caramel, and a touch of vanilla.

It was a wonderful little treat.  It was a perfect size.  Not messy (well, maybe if it was hot) so I can eat one on the go.  I’d give it a try, you might like it. 

*This post is in now way sponsored– I just wanted to share.*

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