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November BOTM

Last month, I introduced you to the BOTM club.  While I have been busy enjoying my October selection, the club was busy making improvements.  I’m really excited about these changes!

Before I debut my November selection, I want to share a couple changes.  There isn’t a better time to join!

The first change is that you don’t have to wait for your box to ship!  You now have the option to make your selection and ship your box right away.  No more waiting.  It did cost an extra $1 (or I could add one extra selection and get it for free). 

The next change has to do with selections.  Actually, the lack of selections.  Lets say life gets crazy and you forget to sign-in to make your selection.  Instead of getting a surprise book you may not enjoy, they put your membership on hold for that month.  If you don’t pick the book– you don’t pay for it!  If you are pre-paid you won’t loose a month, it will extend a month.  I, for one, am glad that I don’t have to worry I will get a book that I don’t want.

Now, how about my November un-boxing…

I decided to read the book “Every Man A Menace” this week!  I haven’t even really opened the book yet– I haven’t finished the October book yet!  But I am excited to get started on it as soon as I finish my other book!  I just ran short on time last month to get a good session of reading in.  Hopefully, soon!

This month– the box came with a magnet with the logo of the BOTM.  Along with the another note written by the judge who nominated this book.  I have already put my magnet on the refrigerator.  I admit that the magnet wasn’t as rewarding as the mints were.

If you really enjoy reading books– I would really suggest that you sign up for the Book of The Month club!  If you use the link I just mentioned– you can get 3 months for $9.99 per month!  Plus you’ll get a free tote!  The tote is awesome!  It’s a pretty big tote and it is pretty strong.

Come join me and share what books you are getting!

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