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The Journey

I want to share a story.  A story about trust.  One that goes back several months.

Prior to my gallbladder surgery, I connected with an individual who was staffing at a medical location.  Not yet open– I put off applying.  By the time I recovered well enough, they had filled all the full-time positions.  But I was hired part-time with the ability to move up “if something happened”.

Shawn and I got married on August 19th.  This same day “something happened” and I was offered a full-time position.  I would be able to get benefits the next month.  I was ready.  I was asked to come in to re-work the September (and the remaining August) when I go back!  I ended up picking up my shifts plus the previous co-worker’s full-time shifts.

Now, allow me to let you in on our situation.  While I was part-time I wasn’t eligible to get benefits.  Shawn’s employer didn’t offer insurance.  This resulted in us being on insurance assistance.  Being full-time meant our income would disqualify for my employer insurance.  Which of course I would prefer.  But lets get back to my story.

I knew full-time, without overtime, would knock us all off our current insurance.  I also wasn’t concerned because we would have insurance.  So, what was the harm in working extra hours?  Making extra money.  But this is where it starts getting messy.

It was the end of August and I still hadn’t “officially” been given the full-time position.  I began probing only to be told there wasn’t a full-time position to offer.  But as it turns out, no one was going to inform me.  It was the end of the month and I still thought my insurance was starting the next day.  At this point, the schedule had been changed and approved.  I couldn’t even go down in hours without it counting against me.

I worked my given schedule but when the October schedule came out, I was unhappy to see I was scheduled with full-time hours.  Again!  Now, let me say– I need the full-time hours but because it throws me off my insurance, I have to have benefits.  So, I approached my boss again.  Requesting they make me full-time status or put me part-time.  Which went to a place I couldn’t believe they took it!

The proposition I was given– take the hours without benefits (making money) or I work the hours and take part-time extended benefits.  The problem with that was that it costs double what benefits are full-time.  I would literally be working only for insurance.  I would be working the hours which should have allowed me to get it at the lower rate but not getting it.  I refused to take the part-time extended.  I worked the hours though.  While I bugged about benefits.  Then I saw the same thing for November.  I was getting frustrated with being told we don’t “need” a full-time but yet…

I finally went ahead and contacted the next chain.  Even thought I’ve been told she knew everything.  I was very detailed.  I was very controlled.  But I got my point across.  However, I never head back.  Not until she actually showed up for a meeting.

I approached them both.  I had given and given.  I got very little in return.  I had a family to protect.  I couldn’t keep wanting– being taken advantage of.  Well, there was a resolution.  IT wasn’t exactly what I wanted but it was a resolution.

I will be transferring in December.  We have a new center opening.  I will be full-time by mid-December.  I will have benefits by January.  I will hae a bit further to travel but we get what we need.

It has been quiet the journey.  I hung in there because I have an easy travel and I make decent money.  We need me to have a job and I wasn’t finding one equal in pay.  So, the journey continues.

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