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Our 2016 Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving wasn’t a big deal to my family growing up.  However, I have found it to be a great time to be together.  If course as our children get older, they begin expanding who they spend their time with.  So, how did our Thanksgiving go this year?

Well, let’s start with the fact we had two celebrations.  We did our family one on Thanksgiving day.  We also did another on Saturday with Shawn’s family.  This year Shawn was very adamant about having our own family one.

Honestly, even our own family one was hard to plan!  We had so much to plan around.  I had to work the day before and after.  Morgan was suppose to be down but leaving early on Thanksgiving day.  Laura had a field trip the day before.  Hailee was babysitting all the days of break.  But even everyone’s plans changed several times.  Morgan didn’t end up visiting before the weekend.  Hailee came home after breakfast with the people she babysit and she left early to go with someone else.  We ended up just doing ours on Thanksgiving day.  Kind of mid-afternoon where we had almost everyone.  As everyone gets older, it gets harder.  But I also understand they will have their own lives soon!

On our own menu we had:
*  Turkey
*  Stuffing
*  Mashed Potatoes
*  Gravy
*  Green Bean Casserole
*  Biscuits
*  Pumpkin Pie

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we went over to Shawn’s family.  We celebrated again with all our children plus extended family.  We played some Uno and visited.  Everyone had a lot to eat.  Although, I’m not listing the menu.  I didn’t help with meal prep so I honestly didn’t remember it all.  I have a horrible memory sometimes.  We did get to spend the rest of the weekend with all the kids.

It is hard to believe that by next Thanksgiving we will have two adult children.  Which I guess aren’t called children anymore.  That blows my mind!  But I can’t wait to see what happens with the next year.


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