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Christmas Wishlist 2016 | Blogmas Day 3

Wishlists are always a part of the holiday fun.  I get asked at LEAST 6 times every holiday season for the wishlists for each of the children.  Although, I don’t get asked very often for my own.  Oh, the joys of being an adult.  The wishlist I am sharing with you now– is something that I can only dream of.  These are not anything that I would realistically ask anyone for.

For day 3 of blogmas— the prompt is Christmas Wishlist!  <— Click there to find more places to check out wishlists.  I present you with my Christmas Wishlist!

This Coach purse is on the top of my wishlist this year!  I’ve NEVER wanted a name brand purse before.  However, when we were walking around the mall I saw this purse– and I fell in LOVE!   The price tag on this pretty purse is large enough that I couldn’t even dream of working overtime for it.  I may like it, but not enough to put that much work into it!  I would feel horrible if someone actually bought it for me too!  This mindset is exactly why I purchase all my purses at lower prices (at stores like Wal-Mart, Marshall’s, Kohls, etc).  I’m just not careful enough with my purses.  But I really do LOVE this purse.

 Sweater dresses… Anything with clothing is a new frontier for me.  But I really think a lot of these sweater dresses are super cute!  I hope that I can purchase a few (and get brave enough to wear them).

Boot cut jeans!  Well, more boot cut jeans.  I don’t like the skinny jean (as it doesn’t flatter my body at all).  I tend to gravitate toward straight leg.  But I enjoy the boot cut look (with boots of course).  I lived in these jeans for many years but then I had moved away from them.  Now I have a pair again… and I’m dying for some more!

Sweaters!  I have just started wearing these again as well!  I would love to have many more of these through the winter.  Plus, they even add a dressy feel to an otherwise boring outfit.  I’m awful picky though, because I don’t like the way a lot of things look on me right now.  But hopefully, it will get better and I will increase the sweaters I have in my wardrobe!

Fur-lined boots (without heels).  I really want to wear these with my leggings that I bought from Lularoe!  Plus any other outfits that they work with.  I recently bought another pair of boots with a slight heel. But they don’t work very well with my leggings but I would like some that work well with them!

We could use a brand new set of pots and pans.  Ours are bits and pieces of sets. All well loved (or used soooo much they don’t have anything left to them).  So, we’ve been looking into more sets and trying to find something we both like (and meets all our needs with a fairly large family).  I really think I like the colorful sets that they have available.  Same with our dishes!

A kitchen aid mixer is something that Shawn has wanted since his divorce (many years ago).  But they do cost a pretty penny!  So we haven’t purchased it yet.  They have so many color options and I’d love to finally be able to try using one myself.  I have never had one in my life!  But I always hear such wonderful things about them.

This last one is probably my biggest wish on my wishlist!  If you want a little background, Shawn and I were suppose to get married in Las Vegas.  But we couldn’t take all the children so we moved our wedding locally.  I would love to have our anniversary spent in Las Vegas!  This would make the BEST Christmas present ever!  Having our airline purchased, our hotels purchased, our transportation arranged, and a bit left over to take in some shows that you can only hit in Las Vegas.  ACK!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist 2016 | Blogmas Day 3

  1. Love your list. My list is also things I would love to have, but truthfully I don't share it with anyone other than my husband, and it's only to give him ideas, because money is tight.

    Love sweater dresses too and those fur lined boots are gorgeous.


  2. I feel like I am always walking a find line with fashion. Because my children are teenagers, they know fashion but sometimes they don't know “adult” fashion. They seem to think I should be able to forever wear their teenage styles. 🙂


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