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Dental Anxiety | Journey To A Smile

I have my first dental appointment tomorrow.  Honestly, it has been quiet awhile.  When you don’t have insurance that pays on dental and you have a major anxiety, you have all the excuses in the world.  With anxiety, knowing the cost is all it takes to have the anxiety win.  Even with having insurance, it is hard to win over anxiety.

As a child, I would go to my yearly exam.  Even with good dental hygiene I was always having to have cavities filled and work done.  I hated my yearly exam because I always knew I had several visits ahead of me.  Then I knew the novocaine wasn’t going to be working correctly.  I also knew that the drill was going to set my nerves off.  Which probably began because my pain was associated with that drill.

I waited a very long time before I went back again.  Many years actually.  But the next time I went, I had to have a lot of work.  It wasn’t an easy process.  It took anxiety medication.  With the medication and music, I was able to get through these appointments.

I’ve had to go visit a few more times to the dentist.  Not the same one because of relocation and lack of insurance.  I had to do a price comparison for each thing.  But I ONLY went when there were major issues and teeth had to be pulled.  The last dentist had told me that I needed to find a dentist that can handle patients with high anxiety.  When the dentist was pulling out that tooth, I was about flipping over the back of the chair as well.  The pain was always there because nerves were exposed and infection.  My dental anxiety made it very easy to find excuses in addition to cost, to not go back.

Now that I have waited so long for maintenance work– many of my fillings have come loose or have completely fallen out.  But the cost alone was enough to make it hard to get fixed.  But with that cost, I couldn’t manage both.  Both being my regular dental anxiety plus additional stress with cost.

One of my benefits was my dental insurance.  Now that I have it, I NEED to use it.  Both because I’m paying for it and because I need to overcome this anxiety.  I need to get my mouth fixed!

I’ll let you in on how my visit went when I have the visit completed.

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