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Christmas Decorating | Blogmas Day 9

We have a fairly small house.  We also have a fairly large family.  When you combine both of these, our house doesn’t have much decorating room.  Oh, so I also have to add that I have a husband that loves to decorate.  Of course I have to do some decorating.

We do quiet a bit with tabletop decorations.  Way to much actually.  At least for me.  I do hang garland around doors.  Typically I have cards by now but we don’t have any yet.  When we do get them, they have a spot on the garland.  We also have a small tree, but I look forward to a new tree.  I wish I could do a real tree some year.  Our last decoration is the stockings– which this year so far I’m missing one.  I think somehow Caleb’s got put into the wrong box but I still haven’t found it yet.

My house feels so small right now.  It always feels so much bitter again when Christmas ends.  When the decorations go away.  I’m hopeful that this will be the last Christmas at this house.  But that is a discussion for later.  😉

I was going to share photos but if I do that, I will blow one of the surprises for close to the end of Blogmas!  So, I will be sharing those photos soon!

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