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First Dental Appointment

I told you I would let you know about my dental appointment then I never said much.  Mostly because I was still processing it all.  I wasn’t very happy with my own reaction.

My anxiety won.  At least in some aspect.  The office was nice and the staff was wonderful.  There wasn’t any “dental office smell”.  They were warm and welcoming.  Every step of the way they would explain everything.  They even asked if I wanted to go ahead and do x-rays or do another appointment.  I was a bit nervous but I really thought I could handle the x-rays and the exam!

The x-rays have always been a challenge with the back teeth.  With all the technology– the equipment for standard x-rays doesn’t fit in the back of my mouth.  Then you consider that when I’m anxious my body rebels, in this case– a viscous gag reflex.  It seems to only appear when I am at a heightened anxious state.  I suspect that I know why that is a derivative but that would be a story for another day.  In the end, I couldn’t get my x-rays done with the regular machine.  They had to send me out to get a pano x-ray.  It was made much easier because the current office handled making all the arrangements for it.

In the moment at check-out, waiting for everything to be set-up… my head got into itself.  I momentarily broke.  I was angry that we had to do extra steps just to do a simple procedure.  I was’t the yelling kind of angry.  I was the tearful kind of angry.  Bur they gave me a place to gather myself back up again.

Right now, the plan is to wait for the dentist to look over the x-rays that were taken and come up with a treatment plan.  We will then make an appointment to go over the plan and finish the initial exam.  They looked at my teeth but they didn’t go through and do to much physical touch on them because I was upset when I realized that we weren’t going to be able to accomplish everything the same day.  I’m still pretty nervous about what’s coming.  I’m glad that I got it started– although I have had the thought that I don’t really want to go back!  I will be really happy when it’s over and I can enjoy a new smile again!

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