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Real or Fake | Blogmas Day 10

One of the greatest Christmas debates– the debate of the tree.  You know the one… do you want a real tree or a fake tree?

Growing up, I always had a fake tree.  I never knew anyone with a real one.  I don’t remember ever even wanting one.  Into my adult life, I didn’t ever do a real tree.  All I knew about real trees is they require a lot of maintenance and were very messy (pine needles).  I really didn’t have any interest in the extra work.  My plate was already busy enough!

Over the last several years, I have been wondering if I should try one.  In our current house a real tree would probably be a nightmare.  We would have to find a tiny tree for starters.  Then disposal would be a mess.  So, we are doing a fake tree this year (again).  Benefit of this, it is pre-lit and all I have to do is put it in a box when it’s time for it to go away.  But this will probably be the last year for this little tree.  She’s about lived her years.  Maybe a real tree next year!

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