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Lights For Elijah!

I’ve been watching the journey of Momsvlog80.  If you don’t know who this is– they are a family on YouTube.  Mom is Melody and dad is Ronnie.  They have two sons, Cayden and Elijah.  Cayden always has a joke to share with his minion family.  Elijah is such a fighter– he is one of the strongest boys I’ve had the honor of “knowing”.  Melody and Ronnie are some of the best parents, who make so many sacrifices for their children.  The strength this whole family has, amazes me daily.  Even on their emotional days– you can see the strength they have in each other.

While the vlog is mainly about the whole family– one aspect that is covered on the vlogs is that Elijah has been battling stage 4 neuroblastoma.  He has been such a fighter and even now continues to fight!  The truth is, his life is limited now– but he is making the best of it.  They all are!  His parents have taken him to fun places because it’s what he wants to do!  It’s what he deserves to do.  From what I understand, Christmas is his favorite holiday.  He really seems to be holding on to celebrate Christmas.  Because of the life that is handed to you when your child is sick and fighting cancer… his parents are unable to do their normal decorating.  There just isn’t enough time for them to do their decorating.

There was a fun thing that started within their community for Elijah!  They called it Lights For Elijah.  It was a way for Elijah (and even his family) to enjoy Christmas lights.  But it also took off around the country!  As families around the country started to decorate and make signs to support Elijah.  Using the #lightsforelijah has allowed us to bring a little more joy to Elijah!

I don’t have a lot of options for lights where I am at right now.  We don’t have outlets outside the house to decorate outside.  We also have limited outlets anywhere that would allow lights around the windows.  We pretty much only have our tree with it’s lights when it comes to decorations.  The rest of the decorations that we have are non-lit.  But I wanted Elijah to know that we are thinking of him (and his family).  I know that my contribution to making a very special little boy smile is small.  But I wanted to be creative with it.  This is in the window in my house facing the street.  I had to do a little searching to find a way to light this without a plugin.  I think it turned out pretty cute… I hope they enjoy it as well!

If you go over to my instagram you can see the poster in action!  Tonight, it was set for flashing.  But I’m going to be playing around with my actions each night!  Also, please go check out Elijah’s FaceBook page to get updates!

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