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Plan With Me

I have never done a plan with me using photos.  I will typically record them and post them on my YouTube channel.  However, I’m keeping most of my stuff here.  I’m going to try my pan with me here.  I hope you will enjoy!

I am using an Erin Condren vertical weekly planner.  Next year, I will be using an Erin Condren planner with a bit of a different setup.  I will be sharing that later this month.  If you would like to go check them out here.  There are a lot of options to choose from!  For my first planner, I just had them add my first name.  I didn’t purchase any other covers even though they are interchangeable.

So, I’m planning the week of December 5th to December 11th.  I would like to let you know why I am posting after the fact.  It’s very simple– safety.  I know I’m very open with my life but my family’s safety is important.  Even as I’m posting this– any reoccurring events aren’t shown on here.  Some aspects just have to be private.  Others I’m, okay sharing after the fact.  🙂

Typically I will use post-it notes to do my planning.  I will explain that process next time I use them.  But this week, I used a regular paper.  When I plan this way, I begin with a list of known events in group order.  Then as things come up, I add them.  It is hard to tell which days I have to tell which days I have things planned when I’m on the phone.  I ran out of sticky notes, which is why all my planning is using a way older planning method.

I will generally start with laying out my planner and my supplies.  I don’t have a lot of planner stickers anymore.  It was just to much on the budget.  But I have a few sets.  Plus a few from Erin Condren!  My pens and pencils are changed out often.  But all my writing this week is in black sharpie pen in my planner.  On my paper it was an Inkmate Inkjoy Gel pen. 

My first step lately has been to choose my box for my thoughtful thoughts box.  I haven’t been using it much lately but I was doing a lot with washi tape.  I haven’t been doing much with what I have because it is so wide.  I just don’t have much variety.  But my Erin Condren sticker book has some.  I do my washi  before I do my planning most of the time.

I then choose which stickers I want for each section.  The way my planner was set up at purchase– it has kind of a morning, afternoon, and evening section (they aren’t labeled as such anymore).  I don’t use these as these sections (and I never have).  For awhile I was just doing a continuous flow of stickers without any section division.  But lately I have been using the premade sections.  With the top section being tasks for the day (like work or appointments).  The second section is for my classes.  The third section is for mu blog/vlog.  I do a to-do list on my side bar for things without a specific date.  In my bottom lines I have a water tracker.  I was doing a meal planning on those lines but I haven’t been doing that lately.  I also tracked a payday.  We don’t have any bills due this week so they aren’t listed.  I generally track those in more detail on my monthly spread.

So, we have very simple plans this week.  As the holiday celebrations get closer things will get a bit more crazy.  I hope you enjoyed seeing my  new layout for the week.  Hopefully, I will have some new sticker sets soon.  You will find links to the stores below.  If you love planning, go check them out!

Erin Condren (If you use this link to order your planner, you receive a $10 discount!!)

JolaniJolieDesigns (all sticker sets, except for the ones from above link)

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