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Christmas Cards | Blogmas Day 13

I really like Christmas cards.  It is really a highlight of my holiday season.  One of my favorite activities.  I enjoy sending them and receiving them.  Over the years \my card style has changed.  Ever so slightly.

Growing up my mother always did our Christmas cards following Thanksgiving.  I don’t ever remember her buying anything but boxed cards.  We didn’t do any photo cards or anything.  I don’t remember my mom ever putting a letter in her cards.  But that was my beginning.

when I got married the first time I carried on the card tradition.  I used the same generic boxed cards.  But because I lived so far away from my family, I included a letter with my cards.  I typically did my cards the weekend following Thanksgiving.  It was also when I first started blogging.

My card writing did get more delayed when I added more kids.  As those kids got older, it got harder to sit down and do all these cards!  Then, I got divorced and money was tight and I really was a single parent so I didn’t have much time to complete these cards.  I was back stateside and I was doing updates online so I no longer wrote letters with each card.  I signed our names and a few words to each person.

I have only ever send a photo card once.  It was actually last year.  I got individual photos of each child in front of our Christmas tree and then we put them onto a card.  It turned out cute but I didn’t it was so hard to get them all to have a similar pose when they weren’t taken at the same time.  Between time, money, and organizing everything I never really had the time to mail them out before.  Even this year, trying to get everyone together for photos was way to hard.  With everyone having jobs or after school tasks it was just to much.  So, this year I did a very simple little snowman.  It has some glitter and has some words but not a lot.  My list does seem to be getting smaller over the years.

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