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Winter Tag | Blogmas Day 16

  • Top 2 winter beauty essentials?
    • I haven’t ever been a beauty guru so my summer essentials are the same as my winter.  I NEED a great chapstick (my personal favorite is EOS).  I also NEED a lotion but not any particular kind.
  • Top 2 winter fashion elements?
    • Honestly, I don’t think I have any fashion elements 😐.
  • Favorite winter accessory?
    • I love my sweatshirts!!
  • Favorite winter nail polish?
    • I’ve been digging my red, glittery polish lately!
  • Hot cocoa or apple cider?
    • I would say hot cocoa, ask anyone who knows me!
  • Favorite winter candle?
    • White Barn’s “Flannel” candle.
  • Snowboarding or skiing?
    • Ummmm, neither!  I like to be indoor in the cold.
  • Have you ever gone ice skating?
    • Real ice skating, no.  I’ve gone “ice skating” on a pond we had on our property but I was always in my socks!
  • Does it snow where you live?
    • It does snow where I live.  We don’t normally get massive amounts but enough to cause problems with traffic and such.
  • Have you ever made a snowman?
    • As a child we lived in the country with lots of land.  So as a child, I made lots of snow people.  As I got older, I disliked the cold more and more.  I haven’t built one in years though… mostly because I have been an indoor person now days.

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