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Day Before

Tomorrow is one of the big days.  I’m really nervous!  Tomorrow isn’t even the BIG day– it is just the consult.  It is just the day where we are making plans for what is next.  I would like to know exactly what is going to happen and when.  I also want to know exactly what the report said.

I was very calm for the most part.  Well, I was until I got a letter in the mail.  You know– I guess I should have expected it to show up.  But because I saw the radiologist and the specials nurse, I didn’t expect it.  Because I had already set up an appointment with the surgeon, it took me by surprise to get a letter from the hospital.  When a simple letter put me on edge for the rest of the week.  When I knew it wasn’t normal from the start, getting the letter saying my mammogram and ultrasound required further evaluation was rough.  Maybe because I thought that it was already evaluated prior to seeing the radiologist, not three days later.  I don’t understand where that was the turning point.

With it now being the night before, my mind is racing with what might happen.  What might be said.  How far out my appointment might be.  In some ways, I’m so ready o have it done.  On the other hand, I just want to ignore it.

Soon I will have all my answers.  At least the answers I can get prior to the biopsy.  For tonight, I’m having a glass of wine so I can sleep tonight.  Hopefully!

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