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Prepping For The Big Day | Blogmas Day 22

The prompt for today was about prepping for the big day.  However, our schedule for this year is quiet a bit different than normal.  It’s not even how I planned it initially.  Sometimes that is how it works with blended families.

Instead of doing the big day, I’m just going to do our plans this year.  Of course, they may change a bit but as of today…

We are opening our presents as a family today.  It will happen between my doctor’s appointment and when Laura goes to work.  It will just be a small family gift opening.

Tomorrow my children will be going to visit with their father and some of his family.  We will be finishing our shopping as well.

On Saturday I have to work so we aren’t doing to much.  I believe Hailee will be celebrating with her boyfriend.

Christmas day, those still here will be traveling to my parent’s house to celebrate.  For a short time my children will come over to celebrate with us.  We can’t stay to long anywhere because I have to turn around and go back to work the next day.

I think that at some point our missing child is suppose to come visit.  Not sure about that yet.  Just another joy of co-parenting and teenagers (who are 18).

We still have to find out about my dad and Shawn’s family (they traveled to celebrate but again, because I work the day before and the day after, I couldn’t go).  Every time I think I have something planned, it changes (which is hard for someone who pre-plans).  But we will see when that happens!

What happens to prepare for your Christmas?  Do you have one big celebration or multiple celebrations?

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