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Our 2016 Christmas

With a memory like mine– a benefit of blogging is having a written memory.  So, I will be able to remember Christmas 2016 come next year.

Christmas morning only had a few of us at home.  A bulk of our kids were not at home but were with their co-parents.  We just had Hailee.  It was fairly quiet on the ride to my mom’s.  At least in comparison to our normal.  We listened to Christmas music and enjoy our white Christmas.  That’s right– we had a white Christmas but it wasn’t snow… it was FOG!  Crazy how it wasn’t even the right “season”.  On the way to my mom’s, I called my dad to wish him a merry Christmas.

Everyone in their silly slippers!!

Once we got to our destination we saw the theme of the year.  We were going to be wearing silly slippers that my mom picked out for us.  I got a quick shot of our slippers (minus some children) but I can’t share it because I didn’t save it by itself off Snapchat.  Everyone showed up by noon and put on their silly slippers.  My children came from co-parent’s parent’s house for a few hours.  My sister, her boyfriend, my niece came.  My grandpa came.  Of course my mom and step dad were there.  We also got to have my step-brother and his wife there as well.  They had some awesome news of their own.

We all ate a ton of food!  We took turns opening our presents.  Visiting with family and sharing stories was a lot of fun.  I managed to drink a glass of wine even!  Wine and I have a hard time with each other 😊.

We still have a few more Christmas’ to go.  I will be working for Shawn’s family’s Christmas so I won’t be able to go.  Kind of bums me out because I like to be involved as much as the next.  But oh, well!  Such is life the with last minute planning when I need at least a month’s notice because we have our schedule finalized by the 10th of the month before!

I’m so ready to take down our tree though!!

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