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Maybe A Tradition…

We started something new this year.  Mostly because we have an 18 year.  I’ve been wanting to share but wanted to wait until Christmas was over because it is part of the presents.

Last year, we bought our first family ornament.  It included everyone.  But we didn’t put a last name because we had three last names within our family.  If you wonder– Shawn and his kids have the same last name, my kids have the same last name (their co-parent’s), and I always went back to my maiden name.  Last year we had everyone under 18.

This year we have one that is 18.  So it was time to signify a change.  This year we found our family ornament with only 4 children and two parents.  So do you see what’s missing?  We are obviously missing a child.  But why?  It wasn’t a mean thing– although it was on purpose.  Guess I should explain.

Morgan got her own ornament.  It signifies her first Christmas as an adult.  It is the beginning of her own journey.  As she reaches new milestones, it can change.

I’m not sure if that will be something we will continue as each child grows their own family.  We will probably do something just because it is a tradition we can start.  Guess we will see!

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