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The Treatment Plan

I guess I should finally do my update about my last dental appointment.  I initially delayed this update because we had a plan but we didn’t have any dates.

My second appointment actually went really well.  At least in the beginning!  With the x-rays in hand, my dentist finished up my physical mouth.  Checking my gum health as well.  I made it through all of that without an issue this time.

It was the treatment that broke me this time.  The plan was hard for me to hear at my age.  I know in the end it will be better off.  My overall health will be much better.  My mouth won’t hurt and I can eat again.  I will be able to smile again.  My bottom gum won’t be infected anymore.  Plus my dental anxiety should go down quiet a bit, even though I will be sill seeing a dentist yearly.

The treatment plan is to do a partial.  The treatment extracts most of my teeth and will be replacing them.  But after that my visits to the dentist shouldn’t be painful.  I will be using IV sedation (not only for anxiety but because of the number of teeth that are being pulled).  I am told that I will never have to see myself without teeth.  They will pull the teeth and put in my partial before I wake up for me to see.  They will do the impressions at my next visit then we will finish everything at the next appointment after that.  The last appointment will take several hours.

The next project was the cost.  Even with my dental coverage, it will all be very costly.  I have a max allowance each year (per person) and this will be using all my yearly coverage.  It actually only covers about half of this work (actually a little less than half).  I was at a loss with how I was going to get it covered.  I couldn’t make the next set of appointments without being able to pay for each step.

I’m grateful that I’ve had help to cover what is left.  I was able to get my next appointments set up.  I have the date in early January for the impressions and the date in late January for the rest.  I even managed to get it scheduled when I had several days off of work to recover.  So, I will share with you how the next step goes.  I will also probably share a before photo– or I might just take it and share them afterwards.

Hopefully I have two visits and recovery time.  By February hopefully I will have a new smile!

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