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Consult For Biospy

Bad Jessica!  I never came back around to update everyone with what was going on after my consult about my lump.  I’ve been busy with the holidays and with work.  Plus, I don’t really like to share a lot of information when I don’t really have any facts to actually share.  So, really– aside from here, I haven’t shared about most of this to family or friends.  I don’t like getting questions that I don’t have the answers to and everyone is always curious when it comes to health.

When we scheduled my surgical consult, we knew the group I was going to see but I had a few options. The main question they had asked was if I wanted to see the breast specialist or if I was more comfortable with a woman.  Since I wasn’t having anything special done (just removing a lump) I decided I’d be more comfortable with just having a female doctor.  So, they scheduled me with the female of the group.  Now that the consult is over, I’m happy with the decision I made.  She seems to be very knowledgeable and can explain why she is doing what she is doing very well.  She also seems very understanding that, although she might see this 50 times a day, I don’t see this as normal.

We are doing a biopsy Jan 9th.  I thought I was going to be skipping a step however, after she explained why we were doing it the way we were.  I had hoped that we would just go ahead and remove the lump, like I’d been told they might do.  However, she would like to biopsy it because it the results could mean two completely different surgeries.  She did say that my appearance, the biopsy should come back as benign.  However, no one knows for sure until it is 100% proven by actually viewing what the lump is made of.  If it comes back benign, we will still be removing it but that is all we have to address.  If it comes back otherwise, then we have to look at different options.  If they just remove it, without a biopsy it could be dangerous and we could also be doing a procedure that isn’t really necessary.  They did let me know that the results from the biopsy should be back within a few days.

She also explained that the reason it hurts is because it is at the upper part of the breast and there isn’t a lot of tissue between the lump and my muscle that lies behind the breast.  So, the lump is rubbing against the muscle causing irritation (or pain).

I’m ready for the biopsy to be over so we can start getting things rolling and get it all done.  I guess my next update will be when I finally get the results of this and we know the game plan.  Well, maybe… because you know that I’m not good at actually coming to tell you the next plan. 

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