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January 3, 2017

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Gift From My Husband

I haven’t been able to do my “what we got for Christmas” post yet.  I’ve been putting it off until we have our last Christmas celebration.  That should be over by next weekend and I can get together our big post!  But until then, I wanted to share with you all what my wonderful husband gave me for Christmas.

You see, at one point I had a Kindle.  But a long time ago, I got rid of it because I really wasn’t using it all that much.  We had also bought an iPad mini.  But again, I never really used it because everything was already on my phone.  It didn’t work out for me to have the iPad.  So, once again– we got rid of that.  I really just wanted to have a Kindle to read my books on again now that I’ve had some free time to read.  But I never went through with buying one.  Shawn really didn’t want to get one because I could just download the Kindle app and use my phone (except that I can’t have it out at work and we are allowed to read at work when/if it is slow).

So what did he get me for Christmas??

By the way… want to order your own Kindle Fire— click the image above!
He got me a kindle fire 7!!  I didn’t need anything to big (so no 10) and this one is perfect for putting in my purse and taking with me to work (although it’s been way to busy to read the last several shifts).  He got it for me in black and then got me a purple case to go with it (which I am really glad that I have because I’m really klutzy).  I’ve been playing with the audible app!  Since I have Amazon Prime, there are several books that I can get on it for free… but I am also trying Kindle Unlimited (because they have a trial– but I think that I will discontinue it because I get several books with the regular Amazon.
I’ve been enjoying getting to read a little bit more of my Book of the Month club book.  Right now, I have put the actual membership on hold.  Mostly because I’m still on book one of the three I had.  So, there isn’t anything else that I need at this point.  So, I’m skipping for right now until I get caught up.  It has been wonderful making great progress on my book–  I can read at night when it’s dark (without a light that might keep Shawn awake).
Do you enjoy reading?  What are your favorite books?  Do you read paperback books or electronic books?

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