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January 5, 2017

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A Healthier Me

I’m exhausted today.  My shifts have been short this week– but it’s more days than I am used to and it has been really busy!  I’m not cut out to be working 5 days a week anymore.  That sounds crazy I know.  But it is the truth.

Not to mention that I have been very inactive lately.  My job no longer has me running around and moving.  I walk very little throughout the day.  So, I’m not getting any kind of exercise that typically give people energy.  I haven’t really been to worried about doing the workouts or finding a gym just yet because I have a lot of work to get done still which will take further time away from everything.  So, I was just going to wait until it’s done and I’ve recovered.  However, I am finding that harder and harder.  The waiting.  I know that probably sounds really weird.

I fight with myself about this daily right now.  I fight with the fact that I should just start.  If I have to take days (or a week) off, it shouldn’t be a big deal.  But I think that I’m afraid if I start to try to work out and have to stop for a recovery time, that I won’t find that urge to pick it back up again.  If I keep putting it off until I am going to be okay to continue without an excuse for a break, then I might be able to keep going with it.

If I wait until recoveries are over– we are looking at the very least the beginning of February.  My teeth will be done the last week of January and with the amount of work that is being done, it won’t be a spring back on day two.  We still have to see about what is going to happen with my breast lump (which I wasn’t going to bring up until next week but I should do a little update on what has been going on with it a little– not medical but personally) because aside from the biopsy being scheduled, I’m not sure what kind of time frame we are looking at.

I think I might just go ahead and start doing it.  Then hopefully by the time that I’m out for a bit… I will have it established enough that I will not have an issue starting back up.  I did take a step today.  I put in for information for one of the gyms in the area’s memberships.  They are running a special and they are open 24 hours.  I’m not an early riser— so I need a place that when I get home from work I can still go to and work out (hopefully with Shawn).  They are suppose to call me back about it.  But they have a special going on right now so hopefully I can still jump in on that one!  I haven’t been in this gym (or any similar) so I don’t know if I will like it.  But we will see what happens.  After we talk with the gym and go visit it, Shawn & I will see what we decide.  If I should wait or go ahead and jump.

What’s your biggest obstetrical for working out or beginning a healthier lifestyle?

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