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January 7, 2017

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Celebrating Hailee’s Birthday

Tonight, we celebrated Hailee’s 16th birthday– and there are several things I must have said 1,000 times tonight (even if it was just in my head).  So, I present to you… the 16th party!

We typically don’t celebrate (in addition to a normal family thing) the grand 16th birthday.  This was arranged completely by Hailee and her friends.  Essentially we were just guests at this shindig.  But after a few places that were thrown out there– we ended up going to a wonderful little local business (although, it isn’t a tiny place really).  We went to Lottawatta, they always serve enough to have some leftovers!  If you are ever in the Fairview Heights (Illinois) area… you should try it.  According to the website, they don’t do reservations– however, they did call yesterday to “reserve” a time.  So, there is that.

We had to wait for 90% of our party to show up so that we could be seated.  That’s a bit of a challenge when everyone was told 7:30 and we were there early (as were some of the guests).  Oh and it was 13 degrees outside so we certainly weren’t waiting for the entire party outside.  I tried to keep them in a corner as much as possible because they don’t have a lot of waiting room inside.  Of course, we definitely weren’t the only customers there.

Once we had enough and were all seated… the fun began.  Our waitress was great.  She really knew what she was doing and had it very organized.  There seemed to be a bunch of large groups she was working… and she was working them well!  We had brought in our own cake and I had brought in a lighter and candle but I failed to bring a knife or anything like that.  She was kind enough to bring us the extra plates I needed and also a new silverware set (for the knife).  Even offered a lighter, if I had needed it.  I applaud her for being able to handle a group of 17-18 teenagers (all 15-18 years of age).
Things did get a little bit crazy at one point though when one of Hailee’s friends smashed cake in her face!  We kept it limited to only those two because it wasn’t really a planned thing.  I didn’t want to have a huge mess for the people to clean up.  Well, bigger than we had already made.  Things were loud and only got a bit louder when she started opening presents.  I think she was just to excited and didn’t know how loud she really was (especially with us not being the only people there).  Plus, as teenagers… they think they should be able to be loud and that, of course, their table is the best so everyone else can just deal with it (although, if it was on the other foot… I’m sure it would be annoying).

We finally left there at 9:30– when everyone departed their own ways to their houses (I believe most had parents drive them but a few are old enough to drive).  It’s crazy how old everyone is getting.  Honestly, walking through the restaurant with all these teenagers made me feel really old– which I’m not.  I’m just young to have kids this age.  But you know… even as the kids get older, I still get some similar looks and similar reactions when they find out how old our children are (remember that there is a bit of an age difference between my husband and I– so in your 40’s it’s not unusual to have kids 18 and 16… but in your 30’s it is a bit more unusual to have kids 17, 15, and 13)!  Of course, now that I’ve shared that… I just realized that if you didn’t come over from my previous blog, you don’t really know a lot about me and my family.  So tomorrow I will get together a post and share it with you so you can get to know us a little bit better.

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