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January 9, 2017

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He Earned His Wings

I woke up this morning and I did my normal check on the Mainville family.  I knew that they believed they were down to days.  I watched the Spiderman video and the drastic change between just a few days before and what I was seeing was heart breaking!

When I saw the post this morning, I wished I could just hug them all!  Elijah passed away last night.  I’m so glad that he was surrounded by family.  He has a healing miracle– he is pain free.  I’m sure this brings his family a small bit of comfort… however, nothing makes saying good-bye to your child easier.  Nothing makes walking away or watching someone carry away your child for the last time easier.  Nothing makes that last memory easier to have in your head.  Nothing can make the decisions that are left any easier for the family.

I don’t care what your approach is to religion or spirituality– please send positive thoughts, positive energy, or prayers to this family.  If you want to get to know them or express your condolences– go over and watch their YouTube channel.  Please remember to be kind, they are facing so much now.

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