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Biopsy Day

Today was the day!  It was biopsy day… it was time to figure out what was going on in my lump.  You know, I was doing good with not being really anxious.  Right up to this morning.  As soon as we got to the hospital, a wall of anxiety hit me.  I missed both my pre-registration calls and I tried to call back over my break but the wait was just to long.  Because of that I went in a bit earlier.  I arrived at about 9:20 in the morning.  I didn’t make it back to radiology until almost 10 (when I was scheduled to arrive).  As I was at the window at radiology, they called to see if I had arrived yet.  The doctor was early so we got started early!!

I want to warn you– I will be kind of descriptive of what I know happened.  In comparison to what I had thought.  So, you’ve been warned.  😮

When my ultrasound tech came to get me from the waiting room she took me back to the room we were doing the procedure in.  There was a specials nurse who came in to assist as well.  Can I just tell you that I was somewhat relieved by the fact I was now surrounded by familiar people.  It was the same ultrasound tech and specials nurse.  They both remember me as well.  We did a quick ultrasound again to check on it.  When she measured it again, she found that it had grown more.  I wasn’t really surprised– I’ve always thought it was slowly getting bigger.  They had to have the photos checked again by the radiologist, which gave me time to ask a few questions of the specials nurse.

I was very curious how many times I would feel the needle with the numbing medication.  As it turns out, she was pretty honest.  She told me she would numb the surface area (but didn’t give me a number) and then they would make a small cut with the scalpel before numbing deeper into the breast.  Once numb, they would begin the core biopsy.  My ultrasoun tech told me that my doctor had wonderful eye/hand coordination so it would probably be very quick.

I won’t lie, the initial injection did burn.  The medicine itself burned worse.  I just watched the ultrasound tech.  I don’t know how many times they moved the needle.  The ultrasound tech told me that it should be numbed up pretty quickly– and it seemed pretty quick from there.  I only really felt pressure really.  Prior to actually going in for the first sample, the doctor made sure I knew what to expect when deployed (because the device is loud when deployed).

I mostly just watched the ultrasound machine.  Once the second sample was removed, I did look that way.  But only for a moment.  I never watched the “needle” go into me for the samples.  As fascinating as that all is to me, I didn’t want to watch it on myself.  I did watch a video afterwards.

After the procedure we had to do a post-mammogram.  This wasn’t the same lady I had the first time.  This lady wasn’t as friendly and didn’t show me any images or anything.  One top of that, I didn’t really ask because I was kind of light headed and a little bit dizzy.

Pressure bandage over incision location– removable tomorrow.

I’ve been alternating ice 20 minutes on/20 minutes off.  However, I took a nap this afternoon and when I woke up I was very lopsided.  So much so that I had to switch into a sports bra because my regular one didn’t fit.  Even my sports bras were to small.  I really do have a lot of swelling!  I wasn’t prepared for this much.  I was ready for bruising but not my entire breast swelling.  I’ve also had to take 1 dose of Tylenol.  Tomorrow I can take ibuprofen, remove my pressure bandage, and shower.  I am back at work tomorrow so the pressure bandage will be removed right before work.  I will have the steri-strips on for about a week.  The biopsy location is on the left hand side of my upper breast and the tumor is more in the middle to right side of the upper breast.  That just means it is a bit sore all the way across the top, which actually changes from being numb sooner!  Felt like the incision was on the right instead!

I should have official results back in 3-5 days.  She still believes it is still benign but will be in touch with the final report.  With pain and the growth it will probably be removed completely even if it is benign.  Of course, we are still going to have to wait until we get results because if it’s bad– we have a lot more things to consider still.

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