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Disappointing VR Experience

Before I begin this post– I should preface this one with a little back history.  Several years ago– I developed horrible migraines (on a regular basis).  With those migraines, I developed a derivative.  In addition to confusion and sometimes weird (very random) behaviors… I develop silent seizures.  Now, these seizures haven’t been active lately.  The migraines have been– but not as much.  My providers decided that it was a PTSD reaction.  But anyways…

I generally take a lot of care with what I expose my eyes to regularly.  Because in addition to stress/anxiety… lights and flashes can cause these migraines.  They can last anywhere from a couple of hours all the way to several days.  So, I’ve avoided any kind of 3D movies (I’ve seen one– Gravity).  I’ve avoided roller coasters (because they put stress on the body and distort the vision).  I’ve avoided police/ambulance lights as much as possible (I do work in the medical field so sometimes it’s impossible).  I’ve avoided strobes lights (although I did go through a haunted house… but I held Shawn’s hand the whole time and closed my eyes for a lot of it).

However, I’ve been watching all these videos about the virtual reality glasses and such.  It looks like so much fun for everyone else.  For my reward for this paycheck– I decided to get a cheaper pair of VR glasses.  (When I said cheaper… I mean, we spent like $20 on them.)  I was really excited to get home and play with my VR apps that I downloaded.

I will say that the glasses are somewhat fun.  However, I did have two different roller coasters that I installed and although it was interesting– it wasn’t nearly as involved as I thought it would be.  None of that grabbing, reaching, or pulling.  So, I was glad that I didn’t spend the extra money on an expensive one.  I even used an app for skydiving and that didn’t really thrill me.

But let me explain– I will be taking this back to the store.  This definitely triggered issues with my eyes/brain.  Once I took the glasses off, I was really motion sick (even though I wasn’t moving).  I also felt like when you first put on a new pair of glasses that have went up in the strength.  Things looked/felt kind of far away and were a bit litter than normal.  But it wasn’t long after my eyesight returned to normal that I noticed the early warning signs of an impending migraine.  Plus a LOT of nausea and feeling extremely hot (also signs of a migraine but not always one that presents).

I’m really sad that I can’t just be “normal”.  I wanted to just be able to have fun… but this isn’t going to be it for me!  Maybe I will find something else fun.

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2 thoughts on “Disappointing VR Experience

  1. I have trouble with VR as well. Not something I would do again.


  2. I don't think that I will EVER try it again… it took all night for those side effects to go away! Kind of a bummer because some of the videos of people using VR are really great… it would have been great to get to experience it. LOL!


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