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I had my dentist appointment for my impressions.  In both reality and in my head this should have been the easiest one.  But with me, nothing can be simple.

It was a bit challenging because my mouth is tiny (or so they keep saying).  The trays didn’t want to fit in my mouth without hurting.  But we finally got a set in that worked okay.  I watched as she filled the tray with a gooey blue substance.  She told me we would be starting with the harder of the two.  I actually thought it would be the bottom because the tray was much harder.  I was wrong!

We started with the upper tray.  I thought this one would be easy.  As it turns out, I was very wrong.  Initially I thought I would be fine.  However, a bit of that goo ossed out of the tray– heading right to the back of my throat.  It managed to hit my gag reflex!  Which is even worse when I’m anxious.  If course, this means I started gagging.  The dentist was really supportive.  Once the tray was in it couldn’t be moved without having to start all over.  She held on tight to the tray while gently trying to calm me down.  They did grab a ban just in case it switched from gagging to actually throwing up.  At some point, I grabbed the dentist wrist.  I don’t remember when– I only remember when I realized it and began to loosen my grip.  I still kept my hand on her wrist to ground me.  I guess somehow it made me feel more in control.  I was able to make it the rest of the way without anymore issues.  Even better, the impression will work so we didn’t have to redo it.

Then it was time for the bottom tray.  It was easier but it took two tries.  The first try didn’t get one side right.  We moved up a tray which really hurt– even with the goo in it.

The last step was the bite impression.  It is faster and was quiet a bit easier.  I was really ready to be done though.

Even though I wasn’t doing anything major– I left with a very sore mouth!  When the goo went into my breaks and cracks in my teeth, it was cold.  I forget all about my cold/hot spots.  So that hurt plus it irritated a few of my nerves.  It was made harder because I have to be ibuprofen free right now.

I’m ready for my final appointment!  I’m ready to have my work done.  I’m ready to face the pain and be healing.  I’m nervous though!  I wonder how it will look?  Will I have to adjust to talking?  Is my mouth going to swell badly?  But I’m ready!!

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