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Ice Storm 2017

The kids had a three day weekend scheduled because of the holiday.  However, when we were threatened by an ice storm the school called Friday.  Our schools were some of the last ones to admit defeat and call it for the next day.  As I was checking the closings, I was surprised that we weren’t on the list yet when everyone else had already made the call.  So, now we have all the kids at home for four days instead.  (That in itself is crazy!)

I was scheduled to work Friday through Sunday.  I was hoping that if things were as bad as they said that we would be closed.  However, we didn’t close.  So, how did our ice storm of 2017 turn out?

Friday– wave one was suppose to hit us by noon or so.  Wave one hit us much earlier than expected.  But it was still mostly just wet.  The streets were wet.  The parking lots were wet.  The sidewalks that were treated were wet (untreated sidewalks were a sheet of ice).  The cars were covered in a sheet of ice (it was kind of thick).  The grass, bushes, and power lines were covered in a very pretty sheet of ice.  Well, it wasn’t pretty on the power lines… but that’s only because that makes power lines break!  Because it was below freezing, many business were closed for the day– or they closed early for the day.  All the area’s urgent cares were closed (except for ours).  The short version of Friday was that you had to be careful where you were walking but during the day, the kids probably could have went to school and been okay.  I don’t think anyone here lost power due to broken power lines… we also had no issues at home.  But the ceiling where I work formed a decent leak and we ended up with an emergency person coming out to set up to protect things until he could get up on the facility.  It was to ice (and wet) to get up on the roof!

Saturday the next wave was suppose to come through very early in the morning.  It was suppose to continue most of the day and be worse than the previous once.  I had it in my mind that if I couldn’t make it up my street, I wouldn’t be coming in.  So, in order to follow proper procedure I was up early enough to make sure that I could make it through the zig-zag of my street.  It was raining and I thought it was going to be the frozen rain– but it was just wet!  It stopped raining shortly after and we spent the rest of the day with cold temperatures but it was dry!  Not a drop of rain!

The final wave was suppose to make it’s way through today– Sunday.  I awoke to a text message letting all of us know the center was open today (duh) and looked at the weather app.  It said that it was freezing rain.  So, again– I walked outside to find out if it was slippery at all.  It was raining… it was 32 degrees… it wasn’t frozen– AT ALL.  It rained for the remainder of the day (at least up to when I’m posting this).  It has hovered anywhere between 32 degrees to 36 degrees.  Enough to keep any ice away.  It’s just like any other rainy day.

I’m not even complaining about how this ice storm turned out.  It wasn’t anything like they thought and the surprise one was much worse than this one!  I’m only a bit annoyed that our company didn’t see us as priority when it came to the storm in the first place.  When the city shut its buildings… when the military base shut down… when everything was closing for their employees (and customers) safety and ours didn’t, it kind of blew my mind.  Maybe later I’ll do my tirade about that one.  But our ice storm turned out to be a dud (thankfully).  Ice scares me more than snow most days!  All the weather extremes scare me because we have one car and it has to get everyone to where they need to be.

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2 thoughts on “Ice Storm 2017

  1. We were supposed to get 12-24 inches of snow last weekend, and everyone was losing their minds #milk #eggs #bread! We got 6 inches of a very light snow and it was gone two days later, lol.


  2. This winter has been crazy with what they are “predicting” and what actually happens! But I guess it's actually like this every year… LOL! It is actually the ones that we don't expect that have been worse!!


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