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Biopsy Results

My biospy results were a little delayed.  Our ice storm closed the doctor’s offices in our area.  My results were due back between Wednesday to Friday.  With the offices closed on Friday, I figured my results would be back Monday.  They did make it back!!  She told me they actually made it back Thursday evening and planned on calling me Friday.  I completely understand they didn’t know they would be closing.

Before I fet into the results and plans moving forward, I would like to talk “recovery”.  My steri-strips came off a few days early.  I’m not sure why.  Even then the incision was fairly well closed.  My swelling went down pretty quickly!  Now, even as I type this I still have a small bruise.  My actual incision still has just a big of healing left.  Pain wise, my only complaint is the lump itself (or right under it).  So, recovery has been pretty quick.

As far as the results… they were good.  They came back benign.  In particular, it is a  fibroadenoma.  I’m going to try to get the ultrasound reports from the hospital.  I know that it has grown a bit between ultrasounds but I’m not sure how much it grew.  But the fact that it is in fact non-cancerous is good.

The plan– we will be waiting another 6 months and doing another mammogram and ultrasound.  Then we will set up a follow-up appointment with my surgeon.  At that point we will discuss removing the lump.  It still causes pain (because it is rubbing on the muscle).  But I’m interested in how much it really is growing.  So, we will make some more decisions in about 6 months.

If I have any other issues, I can always call her and let her know.  But at this point… I’m okay waiting.  Hopefully it won’t get a lot more painful in the mean time!

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