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Mail Issues | PO Box

Awhile back we were having issues with some of our mail missing.  Like from our mailbox.  But I was neer able to catch anyone doing it.  I was about to open a PO Box when it suddenly stopped.  I assumed it was maybe one of the neighbors that had moved or a guest of someones.

It has been months without an issue that I know of.  Now maybe I just didn’t notice and it was still happening.  But everything I was expecting has been arriving.  It has been remaining in the mailbox until we pick it up.  So, I never went through with opening a PO Box.

Until last week!  Shawn was leavning and running behind so he didn’t grab the mail.  He did see an envelop addressed to us with a return label from my grandpa.  Our mailbox is one of those porch/house boxs with a lid.  But when mail is in it, the lid is often opened.  Anyways, figuring he would only be gone for 10-15 minutes he left it in the box.  Apparently, that was to long!  With the car gone anyways.  When he got back– most of the mail was there but we know the card was missing.

I did contact who I thought the card was from to make sure he sent one.  He did and based on when he mailed it, it would have arrived right on time.  I’ve made him aware of the situation and let him know we will be watching closely.  I’m sad at what was lost though.  It might not seem like a lot to some people (but it was a lot to our family, to the person waiting for her card, and it was so kind of the sender to include it).  Plus, it really shakes the level of security.  I know there are some solutions.  We can do a PO Box.  We can install a fancy camera. But I shouldn’t have to do that just to get my own mail… from my own mailbox… on my own porch.  It is crazy!  Plus, they have to be watching to make sure that the car is gone and no one is home so they can go all the way up my yard onto my porch to get whatever they are wanting.

This time, I went through with it.  I have a PO Box set up.  We will be re-directing a good majority of our mail to the PO Box.  At least until we leave this house.  Just for the safety of our expected arrivals.  I’ll probably share the PO Box with you all on my “contact me” page if you want to send any letters or cards.  We don’t get awhole lot of mail that will need forwarded (Shawn’s family is close and for the most part they don’t mail items and my family doesn’t mail a whole lot… but I need be able to guarentee their safety).  So, allowing everyone to send letters or cards as well will make it be a little more worth the money!

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