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January Mid-Month Update

Anyone curious about how I am doing with my January goals?  How about a quick rundown…

  1. Get my teeth fixed by January.
    • Completely on track!  I’ve completed my impressions.  I’ve made all payments required.  My appointment is still set and ready to go– in fact it has moved up in time.
  2. Set up budget/bill tracker.
    • I really need to get on this one!  I mostly want to get my tracker set up.  I need to see where everything is going and create a realistic payment budget.  Once we set a budget we will be looking at paying off some bad debt a little at a time.
  3. Put 1% into savings each paycheck. 
    • I have succeeded with this for each paycheck.  I know 1% isn’t much but it is a start.  I start with the percent by  month (so Jan is 1= 1%, Feb is 2= 2%, etc).  Hopefully by next January it will reach 13% (12 months + 1 month).  We will see.
  4. Put an additional 25% into savings.
    • It is to early for this one.  I have to wait until the last payday to know what I’m putting in additional.
  5. Do four weekly vlogs.
    • I’ve failed at this– so I’m giving it up for this month.  Maybe I’ll still do some sit down videos.
  6. Read 4 books.
    • Well, there is a chance that I can get a bit in next week but I haven’t even read one.  I’m still working on the same book since October.
  7. Complete 4 doula assignments.
    • I’m a bit behind on this one as well.  Not to a point that I can’t catch up.  I have two pre-written but not ready to send yet.
  8. Post three “plan with me” posts.
    • I failed at this as well.  I haven’t purchased any new stickers so they are pretty similar every week.  Hopefully I will be getting into some new stickers soon.
  9. Begin bypass alternative.
    • Not happening until at least next month.  It made it very hard to control my blood sugar (I’m hypoglycemic).  With my procedure, that will be a challenge so no need to complicate it any further.
  10. Pick dates for Las Vegas.
    • So let me start by saying that our Vegas trip is our anniversary trip.  I will do a more in-depth post about it later.  But I did pick up our dates.  I turned in my request for these dates to have them off.  Pretty excited.

So I will be updating the tracking page (although it will be lacking the details here).  I’ve started thinking about my February goals as well.  I’m pretty excited about them– but I will have a few extras!

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