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Partial Anxiety

I typically spend quiet a bit of time on YouTube.  I’ve been watching family channels for awhile now.  I haven’t posted anything new for awhile.  The last couple days, I have been watching video journals of younger people who had to make the same decision I had to.  Stories of other younger people who had to face partials or dentures.

Watching these videos has really helped me.  Which might sound weird but maybe by the end of this you will understand why it is helpful for me.  Which might sound weird but maybe by the end of this you will understand why it is helpful for me.  The short version of why is because it helped me realize my fears and worries aren’t just my own.  These worries are pretty common among the replacement world.

Initially, my concern was very selfish.  My concern was that I was only 34 years old.  Society says it is acceptable for the “older” generations to have partials or dentures.  If you are younger, the thought automatically goes one of two directions– lack of hygiene or drug use.  It is very quite and taboo for young people.  My dentist didn’t fail to acknowledge this thought.  I believe she understood it this as soon as she said the option and it registered on my face.  I never said a word, I just sat there staring.  It was once she started talking to me about the exact thoughts in my head, that I started crying.  She did a really good job of reassuring me.  I left with the knowledge it is best but I was still very unsure about sharing the plan.  I mean– to the point I wasn’t going to even have Shawn in the initial discussion of the treatment plan.  As it turns out, I wasn’t actually alone.  There are many people out there!  Many people who chose this for cosmetic reasons… but many more like me who chose it for health reasons.

I have concerns about pain after.  I haven’t found many people who actually had as many teeth pulled as I will.  I think I’m mostly nervous because my wisdom tooth hurt– so three more wisdom teeth plus many others is making me very nervous.  I don’t know what pain control is used (which I should check into) but I have to be careful with that as well.  I have several days off of work so at least that isn’t a worry.  I’m a little worried about bleeding but hopefully since I’ve been off ibuprofen since my biopsy– I won’t have any issues.  My stomach is so sensitive to all that.

In a selfish way, I’m really scared of the swelling.  I know that swelling is expected but I have a fear of excess swelling.  I’m hoping it will be minimal.  I know my past hasn’t been so great with swelling.  With it being in my face, I really just hope the swelling goes down before I return to work.

I know my speech will be affected at least for awhile.  I will have to re-learn to speak with full teeth (instead of broken teeth) plus the partials.  It took me several weeks to learn to speak when my filling fell out.  I have 6 days off work (including e-day) so I do have some time.  This is very common but most people get it down pretty quick.  It wasn’t even an immediate thought but when I was talking to a co-worker about it– she kind of mentioned it.  Glad it was at least in my head before going into it.

I’m curious about how eating will go.  I know that pain wise it will be slow going during healing– lots of soft foods!  But over the year I’ve adjusted to eating around missing, cracked, or sore teeth.  Those teeth are coming out– so I guess I need to get used to pressure and chewing.  I’m really excited to be able to eat again.  To not have to pass up foods because it is to hard or to hot/cold, or gets stuck in cracks or breaks.

I’m very nervous about the whole gag reflex.  I assume it might not be as bad with partials (instead of full dentures).  I don’t really have a grasp on the reflex, most stories I’ve been watching are full dentures.  I guess it really freaks me out because I know how sensitive my gag reflex is.  At least with anxiety.  I am hoping it really isn’t an issue.

I’m glad that I have the internet to help ease some fears.  To help people network in a shared interest.

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