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Liquid Plans

There have been “liquid” plans for us to move.  We’ve been waiting because our plans were very dependent on other plans.  It has been changed, rearranged, and all but cancelled.  We weren’t looking into any other rentals because we didn’t want to be in the middle of a lease when the time came.  With it being put off indefinitely, we actually started looking into rental unites.

Initially, I was pretty excited about us moving where we were going.  I was happy to be settling.  I was happy to know we had a “permanent” place.  We could actually buy the things we have been putting off.  I didn’t want to buy new things and risk them getting damaged in a move.  I was fine staying in the city (even as a small town girl). 

When we thought our move was all but cancelled, I began to come to peace with the option of waiting until our children grew up and just moving into one of the very nice apartments in the area.  It would give us a nice little place without having to worry about maintenance.  You know repairs but also yard work.  Because I became determined that I wanted to do some traveling.  So, I wouldn’t need to arrange extra care while we were gone.

Me being me, then stated thinking about what if I found a job that moves easily?  What is we never settled down in one spot?  I’m so okay with that whole idea.  Now I want to say– I would be going to places with lots of sunshine!  But I’ve rarely ever stayed in one place so I would love to just go.  Maybe in 6 years, we should just get a nice home on wheels.  We would just be probably doing the previous idea though– Shawn isn’t so fond of being on the move so much.

But now, it looks like we are back with plan A.  With everything maybe happening much sooner than we had initially planned.  At this point everythingis still up int he air but steps hae been made.  I’m ready to move– but we had actually started looking into other rental unites.  I was fine with a rental because they are not permanent.  But the other day, walking through the store, with plan A on my mind, it hit me.  We will be here until another 20 years have passed.  My brain freaked out just a little bit!

We won’t pass up this gift when it presents itself.  I will be fine living here.  We will be in a better place, building our lives together.  The place we will be moving is cute and has room.  It works well with our budget.  A better area with most of our kids staying within the same school zones.  I guess I just have a bit of nerves like most people when making a big decisions.  I will tell you as things move along.  I just hope everything is final soon.  We are just along for the rie and greatful that we will have a nice home in the end if everything follows through.

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