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House of Teens

Matthew turned 13 a few days ago.  With everyone’s schedules, it took awhile to get everyone together.  As always we still had a few complications but nothing major.

For the most part, our birthdays are just our family.  A couple year ago Caleb has a party but only a few people showed up.  Hailee had one this year but it was self-arranged (and guests paid their own way).  We did our normal for Matthew– it was just us.

We typically do a “shelf cake”.  You know the ones– they bake them but you purchase them without personilzation.  You only get to choose whatever they have.  Mots of the time the bakery isn’t bad with putting a quick “happy birthday so and so”.  Today wasn’t great for the bakery we had went to.  So we got a cheese cake and writing gel.  We also got a matchbox car to put on it.  It turned out pretty cute.

As much as I hate doing combincation gifts this year I made an exception.  Because what we wanted to do was over the budget for both Christmas and birthday individially.  So, we took the entire birthday “budget” and a part of the Christmas “buget”.  He is very happy with his present and doesn’t mind that it is combined.  It seems to be more emotional for me than him.  My last baby has a cell phone!  Typically, I do this at 13– but Caleb’s was a bit late.  Matthew has been doing well with responsibility so it works out for him now.

I havebeen so upset because it sadduen dawned on me– I no longer have any “children”.  They all now range in the teens.  What?!?!  That just can’t be true!

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