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It’s E-Day!  

No, I’m not talking about election day (obviously).  I’m talking about extraction day.  The long-awaited for day where my bad teeth come out.  This is generally a day of mixed emotions.  I was no exception!

My procedure was scheduled for 10 AM.  Because of my anxiety and the number of extractions, I was using IV sedation.  I had to be NPO (nothing by mouth) for 6 hours prior.  If I ate/drank anything we would have to reschedule (and pay for cancelling without proper notice).

Our morning was busy.  Shawn had an appointment at 7 AM so it was an early start!  Being up and running I was a bit concerned with how thirsty I would get.  Being thirsty means my gag reflex is hyperactive.  But we made it through that!

When we got home I still had an hour before we had to leave.  I really thought I would get a quick nap.  Time would pass faster that way and I wouldn’t be as miserable.  However, I never was able to calm down enough to sleep.  So instead I did a few chores.  I wasn’t able to take time off work the day before to clean so it felt pretty good to get stuff done.

Then it was time to go!  The drive to the dentist office was the longest ever.  I hadn’t been so anxious in a long time.  It was a very outward anxiety attack.  In the parking lot, I was so bad I broke down and cried.  I’m not sure if it was my teeth being gone soon or not knowing what was happening exactly.  We were a little early. so that allowed the wave to pass before I had to make that walk in.

Once we were inside the office, they took Shawn’s number and then took me back.  It was pretty quick from there.  My dentist’s husband is a medical doctor, so he’s the one that starts the IV and monitors during the procedure.  He is initially who you see when you do IV sedation.  He has you go potty and gets you situated for the rest of the procedure.  He started my IV and explained how everything will go.  Then I saw the dentist for a few minutes.  I don’t mean she rushed– I mean I went to sleep pretty quickly.

Now before I get the rest of the day I want to share a quick memory/dream.  At some point, I remember feeling a bunch of pulling and hearing some cracking.  Just some weird stuff.  But whatever it was, I was back to sleep quickly.  I had mentioned it in passing to Shawn at some point.  (When they called to check on me, they asked about anything I remembered.)  We may never know if it was an actual memory or some kind of dream.

They must have went over some post-op with us but I don’t remember any of it.  I vaguely remember being taken out the back door (where the patients exit if they’ve had a procedure, it avoids the parking lot for a long walk).  But again, I don’t really remember the trip but I fell like I was home for awhile before I really remember much.  But again, I don’t really know how long I was home.  I know I sent Shawn to do my medication run much earlier than I thought I would.  Typically it feels like it is the middle of the night when I need extra medication.  Not this time!  Tomorrow I get a different medication, which is one I know normally works well for dental work but this is also a great weakness for me.  I’ll get into that more later.

At this point, I’m not 100% sure how many teeth got pulled.  I haven’t seen what the “damage” is without my partials.  They were placed right after the extractions, like planned.  I guess I was told that the amount of extractions plus sedation they couldn’t get an exact adjustments done so they will have to check on it again in a few days.  I will have to ask some more questions when I go back.

I’m so glad E-Day is over!  I’m even more glad I wasn’t awake for it.  It definitely hurt quiet a bit!!  But Tylenol 3, salt water, and ice are my best friends.  So is being upright instead of flat!  Now to wait and see how pain and swelling tomorrow.

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