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City Museum | Austim Speaks | Sensory Friendly (Feb 12th)

I was busy scrolling through FaceBook when I saw a local attraction hosting an awesome event.  I don’t know how many people I have in the St. Louis area (or traveling there) but I want to share!

St. Louis is the home of many attactions.  Many of these attractions are fun for both kids and adults!  One of these great attractions is The City Museum!  Built in an old factory in the city, it is floors and floors of fun!  There are tunnels, slides, hampster wheels, and a whole roof of fun (although, this might be closed in the winter).

Now they have went an extra step to ensure even more kids get to enjoy.  It is starting with one day but I hope it extends soon!  I can see the benefit in it at least once a month.  For anyone who has an autistic child or even a child who is sensory sensitive, St. Louis’ The City Museum is hosting a sensory friendly day!  So Feb 12th, take advantage of letting your child(ren) go explore.

There have been some questions that the Museum has answered on their FaceBook page.  I hope that this will have a lot of little people out to enjoy this awesome jewel in the city!

* This is NOT a sponsored post… I just want to help share the news so that as many snesory sensitive children can go enjoy this!*

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