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Feburary 2017 Resolutions

I started strong last month with my monthly resolutions.  Instead of doing yearly resolutions.  This was much more attainable for me.  So, it’s that time to release my February resolutions.  I actually have a couple of extras for this month (instead of 10).

  1. Track spending/bills.
  2. Put 2% of all income into savings.
  3. Put additional 25% into savings based on total.
  4. Research/purchase prepaid credit cards.
  5. Make a list of bad debt, both adults.
  6. Read 3 books.
  7. Post 1 “plan with me”.
  8. Complete 4 doula assignments.
  9. Do a weekly weigh-in every Wednesday.
  10. Do 3 “story time” posts.
  11. Create a cleaning routine.
  12. Create a night-time skincare/healthy routine.
What are some of your goals/resolutions for this month?

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