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January Resolutions Recap

So, it’s time to go over my January goals… and honestly, I didn’t do very good with this month’s.  I failed 6 out of 10– which means that I only completed 4.  I could have done a lot better.  Or I should have started with smaller goals.  Here’s the rundown of how this month went.

  • Get my teeth fixed completely by the end of January. 
    • I’ve been documenting from the beginning!  You can check out my earliest posts–
  • Set up my budget/bill tracker.
    • I didn’t even get my tracker set up.  I’m forwarding a modified version to Feb.
  • Put 1% of each income into our savings account.
    • We successfully put the designated amount into our savings account.  It wasn’t a large amount but it is a start!
  • Whatever total savings was for January, put additional 25% into savings.
    • We took the amount we put in our savings this month and added another 25% to that.  Again, it wasn’t large but it is better than nothing.
  • Do 4 weekly vlogs.
    • I wasn’t able to get on a good posting schedule.  I really didn’t have the content to post either by the time I was editing.  I lacked the motivation to wake up early if I was scheduled on the day I was posting.  Maybe I will try again soon!
  • Read 4 books.
    • I didn’t even make it through my first book.  You know, the one from October.  Yeah– I guess I need to work on this more!
  • Complete 4 doula assignments.
    • I didn’t complete this– but I will say, I have found a program I’m going to be working on but it doesn’t start until March.
  • Do 3 “plan with me” posts.
    • I didn’t even do one!  I haven’t even added to my sticker collection.  I will start out smaller next month!
  • Begin gastric bypass alternative and continue all month.
    • I did this for 1 day.  I really had trouble regulating my blood sugars on it.  I then decided it wasn’t good to complicate my “soft dental diet” with a non-nutrient diet.  So, this has been put off even longer!
  • Pick dates for Las Vegas anniversary trip.
    • I did pick our dates for our anniversary honeymoon!  I have requested those dates off at work.  I still have a lot of planning to do with this trip.  I hope it will be lots of fun though.

Overall, I learned that I need to plan smaller goals.  At least when first starting out.  I set the bar to high in some areas, which is why I failed.

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